Uxmal is a major Mayan archeological site about 50 miles south of Merida; it’s an easy drive (see driving in Yucatán), and there are also tour buses from Merida.

It was once a city of about 25,000 people, at its height during the classical period of the Mayan civilization (600 AD – 900 AD).  It probably ruled over other nearby Mayan sites, that you can see along the Ruta Puuc (the Hill Route).

Uxmal is nearly as impressive as the better-known site at Chichen Itza.   The Sorcerer’s Pyramid in particular is a magnificent structure, all the more impressive because it stands alone as you approach through the entry to the site.

Another structure, the Governor’s Mansion, stands on top of an enormous, artificial raised plaza.

Uxmal is much less crowded than Chichen Itza, and unlike Chichen Itza, there are walkways and steps that you can climb.  There are several small shops in the visitors center, and the bookstore in particular has some nice gift items.

Slightly south of Uxmal, along the Ruta Puuc, there are several more significant sites, eahc with its own distinct style and features.


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