Currency Conversion

The official currency of Mexico in the peso.  You can exchange dollars for pesos at airports, banks, and large hotels.  You can also use your ATM card to withdraw cash is pesos from cash machines.

Shops and restaurants in resort areas will also accept dollars, but the exchange rates are usually poor. 

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate between US dollars and Mexican pesos varies.  As this is being written, the rate is about 13 pesos to one dollar. 

It’s very handy during your trip to have a simple card to help you quickly calculate conversions.  We’ve provided an Excel spreadsheet template that you can download to make a card similar to the one shown here in the right sidebar. 

Get the current conversion rate by searching for “exchange rate dollars to pesos.”   Plug the rate into the spreadsheet, and print it out.  Cut out the Dollars to Pesos and Pesos to Dollars sections, and paste them onto opposite sides of a piece of cardboard.  Remember that exchange rates will vary during your trip, but will probably be close if you make the conversion card a day or two before you leave.

Typical Costs

It’s hard to put a “typical” cost on travel in Yucatán.  In most areas, meals and handmade items are very inexpensive – less than half what you might pay in the US.  Hotels and lodging can also be cheap, but be aware that hotels catering to tourists (especially in resort areas) often cost just as much as their US counterparts.  It pays to shop around before your trip, and if cost is a concern, look for smaller hotels catering to local travelers